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How to stitch photos on macOS

macOS comes with an exceptionally amazing photo management app, and a basic image viewing app that can open most image formats including RAW images. If you need to stitch photos on macOS though, you’re going to have to buy an app to do the trick. There is one clumsy, time …

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How to get Google Photos on Linux

Google has an excellent online photo service. It is unrivaled, and nobody in the tech world offers up something quite as easy to use, or as packed with features. Unfortunately, the Photos tool doesn’t have a native desktop application for Linux users, which means if you want to use Google …

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How to import HDR photos from iPhone on Windows 10

The iPhone has long been able to capture HDR photos. HDR photos are basically three photos taken and combined into one to produce a better looking photo. If you want to import HDR photos from your iPhone to your Windows 10 desktop, you’ll find it’s fairly easy to manage. The …

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How To Send Uncompressed Photos Over Whatsapp

Whatsapp is easily one of the most popular messaging apps today. It has chat groups that you can create and administer, document sharing, and of course, end to end encryption. It’s a great app and many people use it for both work and personal day-to-day communication. The thing is, it’s …

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How to hide and password protect photos on iOS

Apple consistently makes improvements to its camera app every year. New features are added and the Photos app gets a boost to incorporate them. The improvements never go beyond what’s needed to view photos and perform basic edits. Your camera roll isn’t really sophisticated even though iOS itself is. If …

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How To Use Google Lens To Identify Objects In Photos

Google Lens is a neat feature that Google announced for Pixel devices last year. It’s a sophisticated photo scanning feature that identifies items in your photos and provides additional information about them. The feature is meant to help identify important buildings, or landmarks but it also, reportedly, works with books, …

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