How To Add A Watermark To PowerPoint Presentations

Watermarks are a simple way to protect documents and images from being plagiarized. Sure, people can still find ways to get around it by tracing artwork or typing the contents of a document but that kind of stealing requires effort. It isn’t as instantaneous as clicking a download button and getting the RAW file. There’s also the fact that a watermark is hard to ignore which means if there’s something about a document that you need people to know right away e.g., that it’s confidential, a watermark is the way to go. Here’s how you can easily add a watermark to PowerPoint presentations.

Watermark PowerPoint Presentation

You can add a lot of different design elements to a PowerPoint presentation including tables, graphs, and text boxes. They can all be used to add a watermark to PowerPoint presentations however, you will have to copy and paste them to each slide and, you will also need to make sure they do not cut off part of the actual presentation.

A much easier way to watermark PowerPoint presentations is to add the watermark image to your master slides. When you add something to your master slide, it’s repeated on every single slide automatically. This makes it so that you only need to add the watermark element once.

Open PowerPoint and go to the View tab on the ribbon. Look for the Slide Master button and click it. You will enter the edit mode for the master slide. You can add or remove elements from the master slide if you want.

how to add a watermark to powerpoint presentations How To Add A Watermark To PowerPoint Presentations

Now you need to decide what you want to use as a watermark. You can add a text box, or you can insert an image. If you decide to go with an image, make sure you’ve reduced its transparency enough that it will not make the text on your slide difficult to read. You can remove the background from an image in PowerPoint with its built-in tool set.

Simply add the element, and click the Close Master View button when you’re done. Edit the element as much as you want before you click this button. You can always go back and edit it again.

Once you’re done, start adding slides and the watermark will automatically be added to them all.

how to add a watermark to powerpoint presentations 1 How To Add A Watermark To PowerPoint Presentations

If you share the original slideshow with someone, i.e., the PPTX file, users will be able to edit the master slide and remove the watermark. Keep that in mind before you share the file, and how you share it i.e., as a PPTX file or a PDF.

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