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How to enable XMP (Extreme Memory Profile)

If you’re looking to overclock RAM, you will find that all guides direct you to use XMP or Extreme Memory Profile for the job. XMP is technology developed by Intel that allows users to overclock or increase the performance of RAM, particularly DDR3 RAM though it works with DDR4 RAM …

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How to get high CPU and RAM alerts on Windows 10

Keeping an eye on your system’s vitals is essential. You don’t have to worry about the CPU or the RAM usage if you’re running light apps like word processors or a web browser but for heavier apps like animation tools, games, video editors, or large database programs, you need to …

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How to troubleshoot RAM on Linux

The best way to troubleshoot RAM chips connected to a PC is with a Linux tool known as Memtest86. It scans the connected RAM chips and can determine the health of them. In this guide, we will show you how to use Memtest86 to troubleshoot your RAM. Getting Memtest86 Memtest86 …

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5 ways to reduce RAM usage on Linux

Do you wish your Linux PC used less RAM? Unsure of what to do to improve memory usage? We can help! Here are 5 ways to reduce RAM usage on Linux! 1. Install a lightweight Linux distribution Modern Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, or OpenSUSE, though much lighter than Windows …

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How to find apps using most RAM on Windows 10

Adding more RAM to a system is no way to keep it running smoothly. You should have a reasonable amount of RAM on your system that matches your needs. A gaming PC will need more RAM whereas one used for routine office tasks or academic work can run with a …

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