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How to screenshot individual UI elements on macOS

Screenshot tools tend to focus on windows, specific areas on the screen, or the entire screen. On macOS, those are the three types of screenshots you can take out of the box. Third-party screenshot tools have similar options and they all tend to focus on entire screens, whole windows, or …

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How to screenshot apps that block screenshots on Windows 10

Screenshots are harmless for the most part but there are always exceptions. Some apps, particularly those that play DRM protected content tend to disable capturing screenshots. Netflix is an obvious example of this though there are ways around it. If you have an app that is blocking screenshots, and you’re …

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How to capture a screenshot with shadow on Windows 10

Windows 10 adds a subtle dropdown shadow to windows. It gives them a slight floating effect and allows you to distinguish against items behind them. For the most part, it’s an aesthetic effect and it looks good. That said, if you try and capture a window with this shadow, you …

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How to take better screenshots on Linux with Flameshot

If you’ve run a Linux operating system before, you might have noticed that the default screenshot tools available in most desktop environments are not suitable for modern computer use, and lack advanced features such as drawing on screenshots, uploading to cloud support, drawable shapes, and more. Introducing Flameshot. It’s an …

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