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How to change the Steam screenshots folder on Windows 10

Games and gameplay are now broadcast live. There are platforms competing to be the preferred platform that gamers will use or people will tune into to watch. Not everyone who plays games streams them but plenty of gamers will take screenshots of their gameplay now and then. Some games have …

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How to play Bully: Scholarship Edition on Linux

Bully: Scholarship Edition is a remaster of Rockstar Game’s “Bully,” a game about a young kid working his way through the social hierarchy of high school, meeting girls, making friends, and causing mischief. The game is an open world, which is typical of Rockstar. Here’s how to get it working …

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How to download Steam games to USB on Linux

Steam games are downloaded to the Steam library. You can move the Steam library anywhere you want however, the games will always download to it. This is a problem if you’re short on disk space and have a lot of large games that you want to play, or you’d like …

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How to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on Linux

It is now possible to play Grand Theft Auto 5 singleplayer, as well as the GTA: Online component on Linux, thanks to Valve’s Steam Play and Proton technologies. In this guide, we’ll show you precisely what to do to make it work. Let’s get started! Enabling Steam Play on Linux …

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How to back up Steam games on Windows 10

Steam has its own back up feature which saves game progress automatically. It’s a great feature to have but if you’d rather back up Steam games locally, or to an external drive, you can. The process is fairly easy. This method backs up game files that have your progress saved …

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How to fix Steam games not working with Nvidia on Linux

The Steam client has problems playing some games on Linux with Nvidia graphics cards if the operating system it is installed on does not have 32-bit graphical libraries installed. The reason? Even though the Steam app is 64-bit, many of the video games in the Steam store do not run …

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