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ERR_CONNECTION_RESET (Solved) – How to FIX the Error

When we visit a website, information is sent from our system and received by it. The website we’re trying to reach sends data (files) that allow a browser to load and display it. This information must be sent and received within a reasonable amount of time. It is unrealistic to …

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How to Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS (Solved)

Websites feature all sorts of forms and input fields that a user fills in. Some of these fields may be common ones like a sign-in sheet while others may ask for information like a billing address, credit card numbers, feedback on a product, etc. The information is eventually submitted and …

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Activate YouTube Using youtube.com/activate (Full Guide)

SmartTVs and TV sticks have become quite popular. Most streaming services have apps for SmartTVs and TV Sticks. Much like apps make a service easier to use on a phone, browsing Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube using a dedicated app on your Smart TV or TV stick makes for a better …

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Restart to Repair Drive Errors (Windows 10 FIX)

Drives, whether they’re internal or external, are prone to errors. In some cases, the errors are small and don’t interfere much with the drive’s ability to function. These errors tend to go unnoticed until something catastrophic happens e.g., an OS crash, or data loss. In other cases, the problems are …

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