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How to Hide the Teams Meeting Control Taskbar

Video conferencing tools are more complex apps and as such, you will expect a UI that takes a little learning and getting used to. UI for complex apps has to check two boxes; it should be easy to figure out, and it should still offer the expected features.   Video calling …

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Microsoft Teams External Users: How to Add Guests?

Microsoft Teams is intended to be used within an organization. Generally, users are set up over an active directory and normally from the same network or organization. Because it’s free, it can also be used outside of an organization as users can bring anyone on board by  merely sending them …

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How to open Jar files on Windows 10 [TUTORIAL]

Java based-apps were once common on the Windows platform. They weren’t the greatest since Java apps were heavy on the system but not many alternatives were available. Java apps are still around though not as abundant as they used to be. One of the most popular Java apps is the …

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