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How to Fix Skype Camera Not Working in Windows 10

There are several reasons why your Skype camera may not be working. From wrong camera settings to incompatible camera drivers and a physically damaged device; it can be anything. Most users who face Skype camera issues are the ones using an external webcam. The camera issue is not very common …

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How to fix screenshots appear black on Windows 10

The PrintScrn key on the keyboard can capture whatever is on your screen and copy it to the clipboard on Windows. You then have to save the image by pasting it inside an image editor like Paint. Windows 10 is the first Windows version to have a smarter, easier to …

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How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows 10

Windows 10 has several different security features. Some are obvious such as the UAC prompt you get when you run an unsigned executable, or when Windows Defender blocks an EXE from running. Besides these two obvious security features, there is plenty under-the-hood that keeps your system safe. Driver signature enforcement …

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How to Factory Reset Windows 10 and Restore Your PC

A factory reset should be performed when you’re ready to sell a device, any type of device. Phones have long had a factory reset option but Windows 10 was the first version of Windows to add one. The tool allows users to reset the OS without using installation media. During …

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How to fix USB not detected on Windows 10

A USB device is generally plug & play. You will hear an audio alert telling you it’s been detected and you can access it from File Explorer. Depending on your settings, the drive might open automatically in File Explorer and you can go through your files, or add some to …

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