How to watch free Netflix shows

Netflix, unlike Hulu, never had a free version. Unlike Hulu though, Netflix is available in far more regions. In fact, Hulu is only available in the US while Netflix is available in 190 countries. Of course, users in those countries still have to purchase a monthly subscription and the content they see isn’t the same that US users see.

Watch Free Netflix shows

Netflix still doesn’t have a ‘free’ model however, some of its titles are available for free. You do not need to create an account, and you do not need a credit card. The only limitation is that you cannot access free Netflix shows from an iPhone or an iPad.

watch netflix free

Eligible devices

The following devices can be used to watch free Netflix shows;

  • A Mac (any kind)
  • A Windows 10 system (desktop, laptop, or tablet)
  • An Android phone or tablet

iOS devices are NOT eligible.

Eligible countries

All countries that Netflix is available in can access the free content. View the full country list here.

How to watch

There is a dedicated URL that must be accessed to watch free Netflix shows.

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll through the available titles.
  3. Click Watch Now under the title you want to watch.

free netflix shows

Available titles

For now, it seems the available titles that you can watch free are;

  1. Stranger things (Netflix Show. Full season and episodes are presumed available though users cannot select an episode to watch out of order).
  2. Murder Mystery (Netflix Movie)
  3. Elite (Netflix Show)
  4. Boss Baby: Back in business (Netflix Show)
  5. Birdbox (Netflix Movie)
  6. When they see us (Netflix series)
  7. Love is Blind (Netflix series)
  8. The Two Popes (Netflix Movie)
  9. Our Planet (Netflix series)
  10. Grace and Frankie (Netflix Series)

The content is all Netflix produced series and movies. Some of these titles may be removed and replaced with newer ones at a later point. Netflix hasn’t stated if this is a temporary offering or if these titles will be available indefinitely.


Netflix is already available in most countries so this isn’t an attempt to expand geographically. The free offering includes some of the most popular content and may help the service gain new users, especially those on the fence about whether or not a subscription is worth its price. One major limitation with Netflix is that its content is geographically restricted so while its library has some great titles, not everyone can watch everything in it. Netflix produced content is available everywhere though so using it to gain more paid users makes sense.

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