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How to center an app window on Windows 10

Windows 10 generally tends to remember app positions but it doesn’t do as well with a multi-monitor set up. Often, when you’ve disconnected a second display, windows for certain apps continue to open off-screen. There are ways to fix it, however, if you have an app that simply won’t open …

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The Beginner’s guide to the Xmonad window manager

Xmonad is a dynamic, tiling window manager for X11. It runs on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. It’s a favorite in the programming community, as it is minimal, has dozens of excellent features, and supports a massive extension library. Here’s how to set up Xmonad on your Linux system. …

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How to fix a frozen KDE window manager

KDE’s window manager (KWin) has gone over a lot of improvements since KDE Plasma 5 has been released. Among those improvements is the faster overall performance, more customization features, bug fixes, and of course, lower memory usage. The fixes added to KWin are noticeable, and as a result, it is …

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