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How to set default apps on macOS

macOS has some of the best apps for everyday tasks but that doesn’t mean everyone loves or uses them. Lots of people still prefer to use Chrome instead of Safari on macOS. Likewise, not everyone uses the default Mail app either. Here’s how you can change default apps on macOS. …

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How to copy a folder structure on Windows 10

When you copy and paste folders, all the files, and sub-folders are copied with it. The files all remain in their respective sub-folders, as they should. If you don’t need to copy files but just need to replicate a folder structure without manually creating the folders, you should use Xcopy. …

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How to remove EXIF data from Photos on macOS

Removing EXIF data from a photo, en-masse, on Windows 10 is fairly easy and you’d expect something similar on macOS. You’d be wrong. The best, most frequently recommended tool for removing EXIF data from a photo on a Mac leaves you with an ‘optimized’ image. If you need to remove …

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4 best Linux password managers

Password managers are very popular right now. There are so many of them that many people don’t know which one to use. If you are a Linux user and you’re looking for a way to manage your passwords, follow along as we discuss the 4 best Linux password managers! 1. …

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4 best Android emulators on Linux

Are you looking to emulate Android apps on Linux? Tried out a few apps in the past but not sure what ones are good to use? We can help! Here are the 4 best Android emulators to use on Linux! 1. Anbox Anbox is a powerful, open-source emulation system for …

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