How to fix iPhone settings switch greyed out

iOS has a pretty simple interface, and its Settings app is no exception. Most controls are where you’d expect them be, under the right label, and with predictable options. Changing anything is easy, and if you can’t find a particular setting, there’s a search bar that can help you. If your iPhone settings switch are greyed out though, that’s a problem. They don’t exactly tell you why they’ve suddenly become inactive but the answer is Restrictions.

how to fix iphone settings switch greyed out How to fix iPhone settings switch greyed out

Fix iPhone settings switch greyed out

Open the Settings app and go to Screen Time. Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions. The next screen features a long list of settings that you can manage. Look through them all and check which ones have been set to ‘Don’t Allow’. Tap the setting that is set to ‘Don’t Allow’ and change it to ‘Allow’.

how to fix iphone settings switch greyed out 1 How to fix iPhone settings switch greyed out

Any setting in the iPhone Settings app that was greyed out can be fixed here. These restrictions are normally parental controls that allow you to control the content that is available on an iPhone. If you’re unable to use certain apps on your iPhone, it may have something to do with restrictions as well. They allow users to restrict certain Stock apps.

Restrictions used to have their own setting under General however, with the introduction Screen Time, this particular setting has been moved under it. It tends to give the impression that it’s more for limiting the time you spend on your device but it still functions that same as it did before. It’s still a means to restrict content. It may be helpful in cutting your screen time to some extent but mostly it restricts content by the type it is and doesn’t actually make you want to use your phone less.

The restrictions don’t just render the Settings inactive but will also effect other areas on iOS. For example, if the Mobile Data is set to ‘Don’t Allow’, it will lock down which apps have access to mobile data but it will also render the Mobile Data toggle in the Control Center inactive. It will basically only serve as an indicator of whether or not Mobile Data is enabled or not. The only setting that will work is the Mobile data switch on the main Settings app.

These settings don’t require that you enter your passcode to change them so anyone with access to your unlocked phone can enable them. They can be used to add an extra layer of privacy/protection as, when enabled, it will prevent apps from being granted access to your location data, photos, contacts, etc.

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