How to convert an AppleScript to an app on macOS

Scripts are a great way to automate work and they exist on virtually all desktop operating systems. On macOS there’s a built-in app for creating scripts called Script Editor and you can use it to create AppleScripts. AppleScripts, as the name clearly states, are scripts that run on macOS. They’re fairly easy to run but certain circumstances require an app to be run. In this case, you can convert an AppleScript to an app.

On Windows 10? You can convert BAT scripts to EXEs.

Convert AppleScript to app

Converting an AppleScript to an app is easy and all you really need is the ScriptEditor app. The only difference is if you’re able to open the script for editing. If you wrote it yourself it should be easy. If you downloaded the script, you should still try opening it in the Script Editor app. Scripts are rarely protected from being edited unless of course, they’ve been purchased.

Assuming you have the script open in ScriptEditor, make sure it runs correctly. Click the Play button and allow it to run through once.

how to convert an applescript to an app on macos How to convert an AppleScript to an app on macOS

After you’ve confirmed that the script is working, save it. The Save dialog has a File Format option. Open the dropdown next to it and select Application from the listed options. Give the ‘application’ a name, and click Save. That’s all you need to do to convert an AppleScript to an app.

how to convert an applescript to an app on macos 1 How to convert an AppleScript to an app on macOS

The application will have the Script icon but you can change the icon later. Run the app and it will show you the same options that the script did and will, in effect, work just like the script.

This app can still be opened in the ScriptEditor app which means you don’t need to worry about not being able to edit it later should the need arise. Of course, when you do edit the script, you will have to save it such that it overwrites the application you first created. In order to get the application to appear in Launchpad, move it to your Applications folder.

If you’re creating an app from a script you downloaded online, it is best to copy the script and paste it into a new document, and then save it. This is to prevent the app that is created from being blocked by macOS’ security settings. Of course, you should first make sure that the script itself is safe. Running an unsafe script as an app will not negate any of the harm it can do.

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