Error 0x8007054e Occurs When Adding Account to Mail or Calendar App

This article discusses how to fix Error 0x8007054e when adding an account to Windows Mail and Calendar apps. These apps are essential for managing emails, schedules, and staying in touch with people and businesses. The error prevents users from accessing their calendar data or emails, which can be frustrating. The article provides several solutions to fix the error, starting with the simplest to the most advanced. These solutions include restarting the apps and PC, deleting or renaming the Comms folder in the Local disk (C:), resetting or reinstalling the Mail and Calendar apps, and repairing system files using SFC and DISM tools. The article also addresses common issues such as why the Calendar won’t open on Windows 11 and whether the Mail app is compatible with Windows 11. Additionally, it provides solutions for fixing Mail and Calendar app freezes, crashes, or not working.

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