How to Activate Green Screen Background in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users can now enjoy the green screen feature, which enhances the virtual background effect. To enable the green screen in Teams, users need a solid color background or screen behind them, which should be regular and without stains for the best experience. Users should also carefully choose the backdrop color and apply any background effect to achieve the best quality green screen effect. However, there are limitations to the green screen feature, such as its availability only for macOS and Windows gadgets with AMD or Intel chips, and it may not detect extremely thin objects or translucent or transparent items. To enable the green screen in Teams, users should activate the background effect and ensure they have a clean wall behind them. They can then follow the steps provided to enable the green screen in Teams. It is essential to choose a backdrop color that does not match with the props, face skin complexion, clothes, etc. that users would like to appear in the Teams camera. Users can also add a background to MS Teams before the meeting using the Background settings and change it again later.

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