How to Make Notes in Outlook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft developed a personal information management system called Outlook that enables users to send and receive emails, manage calendars, store contact information, track tasks, and create electronic sticky notes. These notes can be used to jot down ideas, questions, and reminders and are convenient for saving information. Users can leave these notes on the screen. To create a note in Outlook, launch the application and click on the More app button on the navigation pane. Then select Notes and click on the New Note button. Type the information that you want to add to the note and click outside the note. An icon of the note will appear in the body, which can be edited by double-clicking on it. The view of the note can be changed by selecting a view from the Current View gallery. The note can be forwarded, moved to a folder, or deleted by clicking on the appropriate button. To create sticky notes in Outlook on the Web, sign in to and go to the Notes folder. To customize notes in Outlook, select Note from the More app button and click on the Categorize button in the Tags group. The color of the note can be changed by selecting a category. To organize notes in Outlook, open the Notes app and click on the More button in the Current View gallery. Then click on Manage views and modify the settings according to your preference.

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