How to Remove Links in Excel

This article provides a guide on how to remove, break, or unlink external links in Excel. These links may have been linked from other Excel workbooks within the same project or another spreadsheet via a different file. To break these links, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Excel document by either going to File > Open or locating the file from File Explorer and right-clicking to select Open.

2. Look for the Data tab in the tabbed area of Excel and click on it. Data can be found in-between Formulas and Reviews.

3. Click on the Edit Links button located in the Queries & Connections grouping. If the Edit Links button does not appear or is not clickable, it means there are no links in your workbook.

4. Select the link you want to break from the list that appears. You can either break all or just the ones you do not wish to work with in the future. To select multiple links, press and hold CTRL, then click the ones you want to remove with the left mouse button. To choose all links at the same time, press CTRL + A.

5. Click on the Break Link button and confirm that you want to do this.

If you want to find internal links in Excel, open the Excel file you want to analyze for spreadsheet links, go to the Inquire tab, and click on Worksheet Relationships. Here you should see all the links between spreadsheets.

In situations where a link in Excel may have no source to reference, you can still break it by clicking on the Data tab and selecting Edit Links via the Queries & Connections area. The process is the same as what has been discussed above.

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