Outlook Error: Unable to Send Message at the Moment

This article provides solutions for fixing the error message “The message cannot be sent right now” in Microsoft Outlook. This error occurs when users are unable to send emails due to an unknown error. The error message appears when users try to send an email through Outlook Web Access (OWA), reply to or forward an email with a connected account in Outlook.com, or while sending a group email. To resolve this issue, users can follow these steps:

1. Ensure that the internet connection is stable and reset the router if necessary. Temporarily disable security software to see if it helps.

2. Clean up space in the Outlook account by permanently deleting unnecessary emails and emptying the Deleted Items folder.

3. Check the sending limits in Outlook.com, including group sizes and emails per day.

4. Check the aliases of the recipients and ensure they are formatted correctly.

5. Send using the @outlook.com alias if using a connected account.

6. Check the Email contact group and recreate it if necessary. Also, check if any emails have been added to the Blocked Senders list and add them to the Safe Senders list.

7. Use the Outlook desktop client or Outlook mobile app as a workaround if the issue persists.

The article also explains why this error occurs and provides tips for fixing Outlook not sending emails but receiving them.

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