Outlook Signature Fails to Work on Reply

Are you experiencing an issue where your signature is not showing up in your Outlook email replies on Windows? You’re not alone. Many Outlook users have reported that their signature either doesn’t appear at all or that the image in their signature doesn’t display. The problem may be due to the message format being set to Plain Text or Rich Text, which doesn’t support image signatures. To fix this, change the message format to HTML. Other reasons for the issue include incorrect default signature settings, conflicts with previously installed trial versions of Microsoft Office, or corrupted Outlook apps. Here are some solutions to try: check your default signature settings, create a new signature, change the message format to Plain Text, choose HTML format for image signatures, try using the Outlook web app, uninstall previous versions of Microsoft Office, and repair Microsoft Outlook. To automatically include your signature when replying, create a signature and set it as the default using the appropriate settings.

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