Using 3D Avatars in Microsoft Teams: A Guide

Microsoft Teams users now have the option to use 3D avatars instead of webcams or being on camera during virtual meetings. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use 3D in-app avatars in Teams at different stages of the meeting. Microsoft has been testing these avatars for over a year, and they are now available to users in the Teams public preview. However, since these features are new, some users may find it challenging to use them. The 3D avatars allow users to join meetings without turning on their videos. If you work in an organization, your administrator can enable or disable avatar usage for everyone attending the virtual meeting. The Microsoft Teams avatars are currently available in Mac and Windows desktop apps, and only in view-only in the Teams mobile application. However, Microsoft promises to make it available to many users on different devices and platforms.

To use 3D avatars in Teams, follow these stages:

1. Install the Avatars application in Teams

2. Create your avatar

3. Customize your created avatar

To install the Avatars app in Microsoft Teams, search for “avatars” in the Apps section on the left side of the Teams app. If you can’t find it, search for it in the More added apps section. Once you have installed the Avatars app, you can create or duplicate existing personas. To create a new avatar, select a base avatar from the list and customize it in Appearance, Hair, Wardrobe, Face, and Body options.

To join a Teams meeting as an avatar, access the meeting through a link or from the Teams calendar. Turn off your camera and expand Effects and Avatars. Choose your avatar or create a new one by clicking Create More. Customize it if you wish and continue with the meeting. You can also use 3D avatar emotes, gestures, and camera angles during the meeting.

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams users can now use 3D avatars during virtual meetings. By following the steps mentioned above, users can create and customize their avatars and use them in Teams meetings.

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