[Fix] Error: Upgrade to iCloud for Windows Failed

This post aims to assist users who encounter the Upgrade to iCloud for Windows failed error 101, 8, 7, and other similar errors during iCloud Migration on their Windows computer. iCloud for Windows provides access to essential information, such as photos, videos, calendars, and files, on a Windows PC. To resolve the Upgrade to iCloud for Windows failed error, follow these suggestions: check the internet connection, repair/reset iCloud app, install the latest version of C++ Redistributable, disable antivirus and firewall, and reinstall iCloud.

To check the internet connection, perform a speed test and restart your router if necessary. Repairing or resetting the iCloud app can clear all saved cache data and sign-in details. Install the required version of C++ Redistributable if its packages get deleted or corrupted. Disable Windows Defender Firewall and any third-party antivirus software installed on your system as they can sometimes interfere with apps and their processes. If none of these suggestions work, consider reinstalling the iCloud for Windows app.

If you encounter issues installing iCloud for Windows, check if Windows Media Features are turned on your device. If not, you won’t be able to use iCloud for Windows. To upgrade to iCloud for Windows 14.1 failed, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements, update the C++ Redistributable runtime files, and disable Windows Defender Firewall.

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