Fixing Error 0x80090027: PIN Unavailable on Windows 11

This guide provides various methods to resolve the error code 0x80090027, which displays the message “Something went wrong and your PIN isn’t available” on Windows 11. A PIN is a four-digit numeric code that allows users to sign in to their Windows PCs quickly and easily. It is stored on the device and used for authentication purposes. However, users may encounter issues while logging in using their PIN. The error code 0x80090027 indicates that the caller provided a wrong parameter, and third-party code must change their code accordingly.

To fix this error, users can try restarting their PC and attempting to enter their PIN again, resetting their PIN by clicking “I forgot my PIN” on the login screen and following the prompts, clearing the NGC folder, enabling Trusted Platform Module (TPM), performing a system restore, or contacting Microsoft support. Clearing the NGC folder involves deleting or renaming the folder to create a new one that is free of corruption. Enabling TPM can help if it is disabled on the device. Performing a system restore can repair corrupted files and settings. If none of these methods work, users should contact Microsoft support for assistance.

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