How to exit safe mode on Windows 10

If you’re having trouble with a Windows 1o system, to the point where it’s become almost impossible to get anything done or even troubleshoot it, you should boot to safe mode and then try troubleshooting it. The method for booting into safe mode isn’t exactly simple. There’s no single button or option you can click to boot into it safe mode and likewise, there’s no button that you can click to exit safe mode.

Exit safe mode

If you’ve booted into safe mode from a functioning desktop, returning to a normal session is as easy as restarting your desktop. Open the Start Menu and click on the power button. Select Restart from the options and you should boot to your normal desktop.

System booting to safe mode

Sometimes the system repeatedly boots to safe mode without the user having to do anything and restarting it just sends you back to the safe mode.

Check System Configuration

This might be because your boot options have changed. Use the Win+R keyboard shortcut to open the run box and enter the following.


how to exit safe mode on windows 10 How to exit safe mode on Windows 10

In the window that opens, go to the Boot tab and make sure the Safe Boot option isn’t checked. You should also make sure the General tab has ‘Normal Startup’ selected. After changing the settings, restart your system again and it should boot to the normal desktop.

how to exit safe mode on windows 10 1 How to exit safe mode on Windows 10

Check drivers

If there’s a driver problem with one of the basic drivers that are needed to run Windows 10, it may be what’s forcing it to boot into safe mode. In safe mode, Windows 10 runs with very basic graphics and if there’s a problem with them, you won’t be able to boot to a normal desktop session.

Check your graphics drivers and if needed, uninstall and reinstall them again. This will be somewhat of a challenge if networking is disabled in Safe mode. Change the safe mode settings to allow internet access or try downloading the drivers on a different system and transfer it to the PC you’re having trouble with. Install the driver and then restart your system.

Audit startup items

It’s possible one of your start up items are causing problems so open Task Manager and go to the Startup tab. Disable all the apps that are set to run at system boot and then try booting your system.

how to exit safe mode on windows 10 2 How to exit safe mode on Windows 10

Hardware problems

It is possible that some of your hardware isn’t working properly. Normally, a hardware problem that prevents you from booting to a normal session should not allow you to boot in safe mode. That said, there’s a small chance that’s the problem and this one will require a professional to resolve.

If all else fails, you might have to reset Windows 10.

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