MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe High CPU as well as Retentiveness usage

If MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe or Microsoft Border Content Procedure is causing A high CPU or Retentivity utilization release, hither is how yous laid upward the outcome. Although this problem mainly occurs inwards Windows Ten, you tin come across the same inward Windows Eleven besides. Information technology appears due to corrupt scheme files as well as other reasons. This article explains well-nigh all the possible reasons in addition to solutions to troubleshoot the job.

MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe High CPU in addition to Memory use 

MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe High CPU as well as Memory utilization

To gear up MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe high CPU in addition to Memory exercise effect inwards Windows 11/10, follow these suggestions:

  1. Update Edge browser
  2. Shut unnecessary tabs
  3. Disable Startup boost
  4. Scan PC for adware together with malware
  5. Disable advertisement block extensions

To acquire more nearly these steps, leave of absence along reading.

1] Update Edge browser


microsoftedgecp exe high cpu and memory usagea MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe High CPU as well as Retentiveness usage

As this problem could happen due to A glitch or bug, updating the Border browser power locomote handy to troubleshoot this upshot. If yous haven’t updated your browser for A long fourth dimension, IT is highly recommended to update information technology as shortly as possible. Whether you lot utilization Windows Eleven or Windows Ten, this solution industrial plant on both of them.

To update the Edge browser, follow these steps:

  • Open upwardly the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Start out in this inward the address bar: edge://settings/help
  • Allow IT banking concern tally as well as download the update.
  • Click the Restart push button.

Directly, cheque if you lot become the same result or not.

2] Closed unnecessary tabs

If you lot induce got unfastened H5N1 lot of tabs together with kept them every minute they are, information technology is highly recommended to close close to of the unnecessary tabs directly. Equally this application renders the content on each tab, having countless tabs opened might exist A travail of this trouble. So, close about of the unnecessary tabs that you lot are non using anymore.

Tip: You tin dismiss e’er re-open whatsoever tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T.

3] Disable Startup boost

microsoftedgecp exe high cpu and memory usagea 1 MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe High CPU as well as Retentiveness usage

Initiative boost helps you opened the browser chop-chop when yous beginning your estimator. Although IT reduces resources usage, at times, information technology mightiness movement inward the contrary administration. Thus, follow these steps to disable the Startup boost setting inwards the Microsoft Border browser:

  • Unfastened the Microsoft Edge browser on your figurer.
  • Click on the three-dotted epitome and choose Settings.
  • Switch to the System and performance tab on the left side.
  • Toggle the Startup boost push to turn information technology off.

After that, restart your browser as well as cheque if the occupation remains or non.

4] Scan PC for adware in addition to malware

In that location could move times when this problem powerfulness occur when your reckoner has been attacked yesteryear malware or adware. They often alter diverse files too settings to manipulate the browser inwards their favor. So, IT is recommended to scan your calculator amongst H5N1 complimentary anti-malware or adware removal tool like AdwCleaner.

5] Disable advertising block extensions

Nowadays, most all browsers back upward ad-block extensions. These ad-block extensions block diverse things on Flu A virus subtype H5N1 webpage. In this procedure, around websites mightiness role to Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 greater extent resource than green. Evening if information technology is A uncomplicated website alongside text too images, you lot mightiness demand to allocate to H5N1 greater extent than Retentiveness too CPU resources to charge the page. That is why information technology is suggested to disable whatsoever advertizing block extension or content blocking extension inward the browser.

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MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe, What is IT?

microsoftedgecp exe high cpu and memory usagea 1 MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe High CPU as well as Retentiveness usage

MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe is also known equally Microsoft Border Content Physical treat. The MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe is an in-built application that comes to your reckoner when you install the Microsoft Border browser. As Microsoft Border sometimes comes equally Flu A virus subtype H5N1 pre-installed browser, you lot tin give away this application inward this location: C:WindowsSystem32.

Is MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe malware?

No, MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe is non malware if information technology is located inward the System32 folder. Instead, information technology is an essential procedure required to homecoming the content on the browser. Whether you lot utilize Microsoft Border on Windows Eleven or Windows X PC, you tin give the sack discovery this application inward your File Explorer. To hold out specific, you lot involve to navigate to this path inwards club to discovery the MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe app: C:WindowsSystem32.

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