Title: A Guide on Putting Apps to Sleep in Windows 11/10

This article provides a guide on how to put apps to sleep on your Windows 11/10 PC. When your computer is idle, apps can drain your battery by running continuously in the background. Fortunately, Windows offers power-saving features, including the Sleep option, which puts your computer and apps to sleep after a specific time of inactivity to save battery life and enhance performance. To customize Sleep settings on Windows 11, press Win+I to launch the Settings app, go to System > Power & battery settings, and set up your sleep options. To put certain apps to sleep, open Settings, go to Apps, click on Installed apps, select the app you want to put on sleep, press the three-dot menu button, choose Advanced options, and set Let this app run in background to Never. To put apps to sleep on Windows 10, open the Settings app using Win+I, go to Privacy > Background apps, and turn off the toggle associated with Let apps run in the background or choose specific apps to put to sleep under Choose which apps can run in the background.

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