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How to stream audio from macOS to Windows 10

macOS and Windows 10 are two operating systems that are rarely easy to use together. There are so many differences between the two that developers seldom see the need to create something for both platforms. Similarly, since it’s so hard to get the two to work cohesively, users tend to …

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How to record speaker output on macOS

Recording audio or video on macOS is incredibly simple. There are tools available, out of the box, for both and there are lots of great third-party apps too like Audacity and OpenBroadcasterStudio that you can use. That said, none of these apps can record speaker output. It is beyond the …

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How to convert stereo audio to mono audio on Windows 10

Audio that’s been recorded in ‘Stereo’ sound has a left and a right audio channel. If you were to analyze this audio in an audio editing app like Audacity, you’d see the two channels appear as separate waveforms. Most modern devices, whether they’re desktop or mobile ones have a built-in …

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Caution: KB4515384 is breaking audio on Windows 10

Microsoft released KB4515384 on September 10, 2019 and this update is problematic. It appears to be breaking audio for many users and Reddit already has several threads asking for help. If this update is queued to download or install on your system, it might be a good idea to hold …

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How to output audio to multiple devices on macOS

Audio devices generally work solo. A MacBook, for example, only has one audio jack which means you can only connect one set of headphones or external speakers to it however, there are simple ways to get around it. Devices that connect via the audio jack can be forced to work …

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How to use an external mic with a MacBook

MacBooks, and Macs in general, have only one headphone jack. You can connect a headphone/mic combo device to it, and it will work just fine. You can also use an external device though it will normally still be detected as a combo device. If you want to use an external …

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