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How to change microphone volume on Windows 10

The volume keys on your keyboard are for the speakers on your PC. In fact, all the volume controls that are easy to access on your system are for your speakers. The same goes for the mute button. A PC doesn’t just have an audio output device i.e., speakers, it …

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League of Legends Sound Not Working (FIXED)

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games played today. Installing the game is simple enough. It takes time to learn the ropes, figure out the characters you want to play, the skills that you should level up, and how to battle in the arena. The game …

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[FIX] Windows 10 No Sound: Why Is There No Sound?

Sound devices work out of the box. You might need a driver for some devices to work but Windows 10 will install them automatically so that you won’t hear anything other than the chime that indicates new hardware has been found. This goes for devices that you plug into the …

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How to compress an audio file on Windows 10

File compression is used mostly for images in an attempt to reduce their size. Images are used in all sorts of ways; websites, documents, presentations, and the more they are, the heavier the document or presentation will be which is why they’re normally compressed. Images aren’t the only file type …

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