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How to share files over Bluetooth on Linux

Linux users often use Bluetooth to connect wireless peripherals to their computers (headphones, mice, keyboards, gaming controllers, etc.) Did you know that you can also share files over Bluetooth? It’s true! The Bluetooth protocol is incredibly useful for transferring files, folders, and other data wirelessly. Enable Bluetooth On many Linux …

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How to connect a Bluetooth device with a hotkey on Windows 10

Bluetooth, and Bluetooth devices aren’t the easiest to interact with outside of the built-in options that Windows 10 provides you. Even those don’t always work right. This isn’t entirely a Windows 10 problem because there are a lot of Bluetooth devices out there with varying  capabilities. That said, if you …

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How to control media in Chrome from Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth has been around for a long time. When feature phones were still a thing, Bluetooth was used as a medium to send/receive files wirelessly. Now, Bluetooth is more commonly used to connect peripherals like keyboards, mouse, speakers, and headphones. Bluetooth headphones and even some speakers allow you to control …

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