[Fix] Edge or Chrome Browser Overlapping Taskbar When Maximized

Users have reported a peculiar issue where their Edge or Chrome browser covers the Taskbar when launched on Windows 11 or Windows 10. This problem only occurs when opening a browser, and other apps do not hide the Taskbar. The issue also affects multiple-screen users when they maximize the primary screen, even when the Taskbar is locked and the autohide feature is deactivated. This can be frustrating as users have to keep pressing Alt+Tab to switch between programs. However, there are some simple workarounds that can fix this issue.

To fix the Edge or Chrome browser covering up the Taskbar on Windows 11/10, users can try performing basic steps such as restarting their browser, enabling or disabling the Taskbar Auto-hide setting, unlocking and locking their Taskbar, restarting their computer, and more. If these steps do not work, users can try restarting the Windows Explorer process, re-registering the Taskbar and resetting Start Menu settings, or running the browser in compatibility mode.

If the Taskbar is still showing in fullscreen Windows 11 or Windows 10, it could be due to Taskbar settings, program bugs, File Explorer issues, or outdated operating systems. To fix this, users should ensure that their apps and systems are updated and can restart Windows Explorer in the Task Manager if the issue persists.

To enable the Taskbar widget in Windows 11, users can click on the widgets showing the weather update on their Taskbar and select the + icon on the top-right of the widget board. They can then add all the widgets they want or click the Find more widgets button to look for more.

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