How to get Edge Tab Set Aside in Chrome

Microsoft is in the process of rebuilding Edge. It’s now entirely based on Chromium which means it has the same features that Chrome does. You can install Chrome extensions to it, as well as Chrome themes. The original Edge had some useful features one of which was to set tabs aside. Unfortunately, the Chromium based Edge won’t have it since Chrome doesn’t have it out of the box. You can get the Edge Tabs Set Aside feature in Chrome with an extension called Tabs Aside.

Tabs Set Aside in Chrome

Install Tabs Aside from the Chrome Web Store. The extension will add an icon next to the URL bar. Click it, and you’ll see a plus button at the bottom right. Click it and give your saved tabs i.e., session a name. When you click the plus button, the extension will also show you a list of all tabs that are open across different Chrome windows.

After you give the session a name, select the tabs that you want to set aside, and click the Done button.

how to get edge tab set aside in chrome How to get Edge Tab Set Aside in Chrome

To recall the tabs you’ve set aside, click the extension’s icon again. The popup will list all the sessions that you’ve saved to it and next to the session name is an ‘Open All’ option. If you click the session name, it will expand to show you the tabs saved to it. You can selectively open these tabs. If you want to open them all, there’s a button to do just that.

how to get edge tab set aside in chrome 1 How to get Edge Tab Set Aside in Chrome

To remove a session, click the close button next to it.

Tabs Aside doesn’t have much by way of settings yet. This is a fairly new extension and it’s under active development. That said, you can enable animations for it if you want. They’re disabled by default because they will require more system resources. Chrome already tends to use quite a bit of RAM and adding extensions increases the strain on system resources which is why animations are disabled to reduce any unnecessary burden they might add. If you have system resources to spare, go ahead and enable animations.

Since this is a Chrome extension, you can use it in the new Chromium Edge as well to get the Tabs Set Aside feature that Edge originally had.

The extension does improve on the original Edge feature. It allows users to select which tabs are set aside, and it doesn’t automatically remove a saved session when a user opens it.

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