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How to manually switch to the GPU on macOS

Macs have both an on-board graphics card and a dedicated GPU. Apple has tried to release models that can be used for gaming but it hasn’t had much success. It’s only managed to add a GPU to its line-up. Still, it is there. macOS chooses on the fly whether to …

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How to find Graphics Card info on Linux

Need to find information on the graphics card on your Linux desktop environment? Are terminal commands not providing enough info? Follow along with our guide as we show you how to find Graphics Card info on Linux! Installing GPU Viewer on Linux Before going over how to use the GPU …

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How to try Minecraft NVIDIA Ray Tracing on Windows 10

GPU technology improves year-on-year. Gaming enthusiasts will upgrade to a new GPU if its new capabilities are worth it and since it tends be a more expensive hardware component, it needs to be worth its price tag. Ray Tracing is the newest technology that NVIDIA’s RTX line of chips is …

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How to check GPU temperature on Linux

Is your graphics card getting a bit hot while using Linux? Are you wondering what the temperature is, but are unable to check it? If so, follow along with this guide and learn how to check your GPU temperature on Linux! Lm_Sensors Lm_Sensors is a command-line sensor detecting application that …

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How to monitor CPU and GPU temperature on macOS

Macs, like all computers, tend to get hot when you use them. If you’re using it for something particularly resource intensive, it will get hotter than if you were simply working on a document or even watching a movie. It’s perfectly fine for a Mac’s temperature to rise but if …

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