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How to customize the KDE terminal

The terminal program that is included in the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment (Konsole) is one of the most customizable and versatile apps of its kind in the Linux community. However, it suffers one huge drawback. New KDE users aren’t aware of all of the useful customization options that it …

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How to add directories to path on Linux

On Linux, $PATH defines the standard directories in which executable programs can run from on the system through the terminal. These directories are “/usr/bin”, “/usr/local”, “/usr/sbin”, and a few other ones (depending on what Linux distribution you use). If you want to run programs outside of these directories, the directory …

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How to back up Linux terminal history

The Linux terminal has a “history” feature. With this feature, every command operation you enter will be backed up for later. Since all of your terminal commands are saved in “history,” it’s essential to keep a backup of it for safekeeping. In this guide, we’ll show you how to back …

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How to change the terminal theme on macOS

The Terminal in macOS is, by default, white. Enabling the dark mode on macOS won’t change that but if you find the default white to be a bit too bright for comfortable use, you can change the terminal theme on macOS to one of those that come packaged with the …

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