Title: Adding Office Programs to Quick Access Toolbar – A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft has developed several programs, such as Microsoft Office, which includes popular applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher. These programs are widely used by many people to complete their daily tasks. However, did you know that you can add these Office programs to your Quick Access Toolbar? This will allow you to access them quickly without having to go to the taskbar or use the search bar. Here’s how to add Microsoft Office programs to your Quick Access Toolbar:

1. Launch Microsoft Word and click on the File tab.

2. Click on Options and a Word Options dialog box will open.

3. Click on Quick Access Toolbar.

4. Select Commands Not in Ribbon from the Choose Command From list drop-down arrow.

5. Search for the Microsoft Office programs you want and click on the Add button.

6. Click OK and the Office program will appear on your Quick Access Toolbar.

By placing Office Programs in any of the Office applications, you can save time and open an application in an Office program without having to open the applications on the taskbar or your desktop. The Quick Access Toolbar is a collection of shortcuts that displays commands that users often use. By default, it is hidden below the ribbon, but you can choose to display it above the ribbon. The Quick Access Toolbar always includes three default commands: Save, Undo, and Redo. You can remove these commands if you desire by right-clicking on them and selecting Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

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