How to limit RAM and CPU on Opera GX Gaming browser

A gaming browser is not something most people would have imagined to be a thing. There are gaming PCs, gaming consoles, gaming keyboards, and even gaming chairs but a browser is unlikely to make that list. Still, Opera has a new version of its browser called Opera GX which it says is a gaming browser.

Opera GX is still the usual Chromimum based browser with one or two features geared towards those interested in games such as Twitch integration. It also has what many browsers do not; a sound track, or more precisely, audio alerts to indicate an action. When you start the browser, it has a ‘boot’ audio. The one highlight feature it has is a RAM and CPU usage limiter that allows you to limit RAM and CPU on Opera GX. Here’s how it works.

Limit RAM and CPU on Opera GX

Download and install Opera GX. Run the browser and along the left, you will see a controls bar. If you already use Opera, you’re going to be familiar with the layout of the browser and won’t have too much trouble navigating it. If not, it’s fairly easy to learn.

Click the speed dial/GX Control in the column on the left to open the GX Control panel. It houses the RAM and CPU controls. Look for the RAM limiter, and turn it On. Select the amount of RAM you want to allow the browser to use from the slider at the bottom to limit it.

how to limit ram and cpu on opera gx gaming browser How to limit RAM and CPU on Opera GX Gaming browser

If you scroll a little further down, you will find the CPU usage control. It mimics the RAM limiter. Turn it on, and select how much of your CPU’s power you want to allow the browser to use. Opera GX doesn’t let you allocate the number of cores the browser can use.

how to limit ram and cpu on opera gx gaming browser 1 How to limit RAM and CPU on Opera GX Gaming browser

With both RAM and CPU, you’re not free to set any limit. The RAM usage is limited in multiples of two whereas CPU usage is allocated in quarter increments i.e., 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% usage.

A browser isn’t exactly an essential, must-have, tool needed for gaming. There are some online games that you can play in your browser and maybe this browser may be a good tool to play them in. You might find other uses for this browser outside of gaming. The most popular browsers do not allow you to limit RAM, or CPU usage. At best, you can limit bandwidth in Chrome but that too is a complicated process.

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