How to schedule messages on Slack

Slack is one the best messaging apps targeting work places. Most people know it as the fun messaging app where you can send GIFs but it’s actually really great at finding and retrieving links and images that have been shared over various channels. There’s also the fact that it’s highly customizeable with the right Slack app. If you need to schedule messages on Slack, you can do so with a free app called Timy.

Schedule messages on Slack

Timy can schedule messages up to twenty-four hours in advance, but not more. Obviously, it’s limited by how far ahead a message can be scheduled. Additionally, the app will actually schedule and send a message that you compose when you schedule it. It does not act as a reminder service to send a particular message.

Add Timy to your workspace on Slack. It’s free so feel free to take it for a test run even if you’re skeptical about it meeting your needs.

Once you’ve added Timy to your workspace, you need to understand how it works. Like most Slack apps, it works via simple commands. You can schedule messages to be sent at a particular time, or after a certain amount of time e.g., after two hours.

how to schedule messages on slack How to schedule messages on Slack


/send [your message] at Time


/send [your message] in time period


/send this is a test message at 12:15am
/send this is a test message in 1h

Enter the schedule message command, and the message in the channel you want to send it on. For example, if you have a lunch channel that you want to send a message to minutes before or after lunch, you should use Timy in that channel.

Cancel scheduled message

You may change your mind about sending a message after you’ve scheduled it. To view all messages that are currently scheduled, enter the following command;

/list all

This will list only messages that have not yet been delivered. If a message hasn’t already been delivered, you will be able to cancel it.  You can execute this command in any channel and you will be able to see all your scheduled messages, and cancel them. The list will not tell you who a scheduled message is meant to be sent to.

how to schedule messages on slack 1 How to schedule messages on Slack

You can include emoji in your messages and but you cannot use other commands in your message for example, if you have a Slack app that you can use to find GIFs, it won’t work. Timy works only for text based messages. You will be able to send links but you won’t be able to send images or files.

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