How to Use Phone Link in Windows 11 to Record Mobile Screen on PC

In order to record your mobile screen on a PC via Phone Link in Windows 11, you will need to use a third-party screen recorder app as there is no direct recording option available. You can use either free or paid screen recording applications or the Xbox Game Bar, but setting up the latter may take some time if you are not familiar with it. To begin recording, open the Phone Link app on your computer and connect your phone to it. Click on the phone icon in the top-left corner and tap on “Start now” on your mobile device to allow your computer to access your mobile screen. Once your mobile screen is displayed on your PC, start the desired recording application and select the region you want to record. Keep in mind that some security restrictions may prevent you from recording certain apps. To display your phone screen on your computer, use the Phone Link app and click on the phone icon to mirror your mobile screen. However, if you want to capture your phone screen on your PC, you will need to use a third-party screen recorder app while mirroring it on your PC.

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