[Fix] Your Account Security Requires Additional Information for Your Organization

This article provides solutions for fixing the error message “Your organization needs more information to keep your account secure” that appears when logging into the Office 365 web portal. The error indicates that additional security requirements or information is needed for the Azure AD account. The following suggestions can help resolve the issue:

1. Disable Security Defaults: Disabling Security Defaults allows for more control over security settings and customization, which can help fix the error. To do this, log into the Azure AD Admin Center, go to Users > Properties, and click on Manage Security defaults. Turn the toggle to No beside Enable Security defaults.

2. Set up Self-Service Password Reset: Setting up this service in the Azure AD admin center allows users to reset their account password without admin assistance. To do this, log into the Azure Active Directory Admin Center, go to Org settings > Security & privacy, and click on Self-service password reset. Click on Go to the ‎Azure‎ portal to turn on self-service password reset, then click on Users in the left pane and select Password reset. Click on Properties and select All below Self-service password reset enabled.

3. Use a different account: If the issue is with the user account, try logging in with a different account or a local account to see if the error is resolved.

4. Contact organization support: If none of these suggestions help, contact the organization’s admin for assistance.

To secure an Office 365 account, enable Multi-Factor Authentication, manage accounts and permissions, and configure Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

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