The OOBE error occurs during PC reset, debloater run, upgrade, or Windows 11/10 installation. It appears in the final steps of completion and can be fixed using various solutions. The error message reads “Something went wrong. You can try again or skip now” with an OOBE error code. Some users report that even after selecting Try again or Skip, they encounter the same issue immediately. The OOBE mode allows users to set up Language, Region, Windows Hello, Keyboard language, etc. If Windows cannot read preferences or support the feature, an OOBE error occurs.

To fix OOBEEULA, OOBESETTINGSMULTIPAGE, OOBEAADV10 OOBE errors, try these solutions:

1. Try the process again

2. Restart your PC

3. Download a fresh copy of Windows

4. Perform an SFC scan

5. Try with a temporary account

6. Run Sysprep command

7. Modify your Registry

8. Reset your PC

Users have resolved OOBE errors by clicking the Try again button or restarting their device. Downloading a fresh copy of Windows or performing an SFC scan can also help. Creating a temporary username or running a Sysprep command may resolve the issue. Modifying the registry entries or resetting the PC should be done as a last resort.

Running Windows 11 without activation is possible but may result in missing features and customization. To reset an OOBE computer, press Shift + F10 and type systemreset -factoryreset in the Command Prompt. Follow the screen directions to continue with the reset process.

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