Using the End Task Option on the Taskbar to Close Unresponsive Programs Directly

This article explains how to use the End task option in the Taskbar for non-responding apps in Windows 11. Previously, users had to open the Task Manager, access the Processes tab, and use the End task option to close an unresponsive program. However, Windows 11 has made this process easier by allowing users to use the End task option directly from the Taskbar for opened apps. To use this feature, users must enable it first, which can be done using ViVeTool or the Settings app. Once enabled, users can right-click on an opened app in the Taskbar and select the End task option to close it. However, users should use this feature carefully to avoid accidentally closing an app and losing unsaved work. Additionally, the article provides information on how to end all running tasks and show running apps on the Taskbar in Windows 11.

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