How to Set Photoshop as Your Default Image Editor in Windows 11/10

This article provides a guide on how to set Photoshop as the default image editor on a Windows 11/10 PC. By default, image files in Windows 11 are set to open with the Photos app, which is suitable for viewing images but not for editing them. To make Photoshop the default app for opening and editing image files, there are four methods that can be used: using Windows Settings, using the Image Properties window, using the ‘Open with’ option in the image’s right-click menu, and using Windows Registry. Each method is explained in detail in the article. It is important to note that if using the Windows Registry method, extra caution should be taken as tweaking the registry could cause severe damage to the system if something goes wrong. The article also answers some common questions such as what the default image editor for Windows 11 is (the Photos app) and whether Windows 11 has a built-in editor (it has both a built-in image editor and video editor).

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