Fixing Destiny 2 Error Codes Centipede, Weasel, and Baboon

Destiny 2 is a popular game that has captured the attention of many gamers. However, some players have recently been experiencing error codes such as Centipede, Weasel, Baboon, Currant, Boar, BROCCOLI, Cat, and more. These error codes indicate that the computer is unable to connect to Destiny 2’s server. In this post, we will provide solutions to resolve Destiny 2 Error Codes Centipede, Weasel, and Baboon.

The Baboon error message states that the player has been removed from the game world and should try again as there may be a problem with their internet connection. The Centipede error message indicates that the player’s connection to Destiny servers has been lost and they should check their network configuration. The Weasel error message states that the player could not connect to Destiny 2 servers and should check their network configuration.

To fix these error codes, players can try the following solutions:

1. Check Destiny 2 server status

2. Quit the game properly and then restart it

3. Power cycle the console

4. Use a wired network

5. Use VPN

6. Check NAT settings

7. Reinstall Destiny 2

It is important to rule out server status issues before attempting hard troubleshooting guides. Users can check server status through various down detectors or by visiting the Bungie site via If the website is down, players will need to wait until it is back up.

If the issue persists after checking server status, players should try quitting the game properly and restarting it. If this does not work, power cycling the console and router may help. Using a wired network instead of a wireless one can also prevent internet issues.

VPN can be used to keep the connection private and avoid internet barriers between the game and the player. Checking NAT settings is also important as it allows a single IP address to present all devices in the realm of the player’s private network.

If none of these solutions work, players can try reinstalling Destiny 2. This is the only option if there is an issue with the installation itself.

In conclusion, players experiencing Destiny 2 Error Codes Centipede, Weasel, and Baboon can try these solutions to resolve the issue and enjoy a quality gaming experience.

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