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How to manage volume for Multi-output Audio devices on macOS

On macOS, you can create a Multi-output audio device, or an aggregate audio device and route audio to multiple devices at once. It’s fairly easy to do once you understand the concept behind it. It does come with a shortcoming; no volume control. When you configure a multi-output device, the …

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How to audit passwords with the Google Password Checkup tool

Passwords are often compromised because they’re weak. Many services will go to great lengths to make sure their users use a good, strong password but users still manage to set weak passwords. A weak password is one that is too short, is a predictable phrase e.g., password123, or that’s used …

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How to create a list of all items in a folder on Windows 10

An index is always useful and sometimes you need one for folders. There’s nothing stopping you from creating a list of  files and folders inside; it involves a lot of copying and pasting file names into text file. If you’re looking for an easier way to create a list of …

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