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How to watch Apple TV+ on Windows 10

Apple TV+ is Apple’s step into online content streaming i.e. internet TV. The service can be used on any Apple device e.g. a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, or the AppleTV itself. Unlike most of Apple’s services, AppleTV+ isn’t restricted by platform; you can watch AppleTV+ on Windows 10, and …

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How to get the new Start Menu design on Windows 10

The Start Menu on Windows 10 goes through small changes in its design. The feature has only changed slightly when the option to hide the app’s list was added, tile grouping, and folders. The tiles on the Start Menu have been a bit of an eyesore for some; the color …

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How to change text size on Windows 10

The UI of an app or an OS has to be easy on the eyes. The colors shouldn’t clash, the icons should be easy to recognize and distinguish from every other UI element they appear on, and the text should be sharp, among other things. Design matters a great deal …

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