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How to record the touch bar on macOS

Apple has native screenshot tools on both iOS and macOS. As of 2017, it also added native a screencast tool to iOS. A screencast tool was already present on macOS though the company was thoughtful enough to also include a screenshot option for the touch bar. That said, the screenshot …

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How to resize hard drive partitions on Linux

Do you have a hard drive partition on your Linux PC that you’d like to make bigger or smaller in size? Unsure about how to resize hard drive partitions on Linux? Follow along with this guide and soon you’ll know how to use the Gparted partition editor to resize hard …

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How to install the Newaita icon theme on Linux

For Gnome users on Linux, the default icon theme is known as “Adwaita.” This default icon theme consists of brown folders and custom program icons for the Gnome family of applications. Out of the box, the Adwaita icon theme doesn’t look too bad on the Gnome desktop, because over the …

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