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How to disable startup apps on Windows 10

Apps can be set to run automatically when you boot to your system. Doing so allows you to have the apps ready to use when you need them. If you have a preferred tool for taking screenshots, and you take screenshots often, you will want the app to be running …

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How to fix Windows Updates stuck at 0%

Windows 10 gets several scheduled update every month; there is normally a cumulative update, antivirus definition update, security patches, and more. Some updates will download and install while your system is running while others will require a restart. Windows Updates stuck at 0% [FIX] Windows Updates still run into problems …

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How to install the VSCodium IDE on Linux

Microsoft recently released Visual Studio Code on Linux. Many fans of Microsoft who use Linux were happy. However, not everyone appreciates the app and find that it has some issues. One of the biggest issues is that Microsoft’s code is not open-source. Introducing VSCodium, it’s an open-source, free clone of …

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