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How to install and set up the BitWarden app on Linux

The Bitwarden app is an open source password manager for Linux, Mac, Windows, and most modern web browsers. It’s completely free to use and offers useful features such as integration with ubikey and many aspects of the desktop. One of the best reasons to choose Bitwarden over something like LastPass …

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How to fix broken packages on Debian

When using Debian Linux, you may find yourself downloading DEB packages from the internet to install the software you need to use. Much like Ubuntu Linux, developers that focus on Debian often don’t bother setting up dedicated software repositories and give out packages for users to download and install. Most …

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How to stitch photos on macOS

macOS comes with an exceptionally amazing photo management app, and a basic image viewing app that can open most image formats including RAW images. If you need to stitch photos on macOS though, you’re going to have to buy an app to do the trick. There is one clumsy, time …

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