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How to block an app on Windows 10

Users choose which apps are installed on their system however some apps come bundled together. When you install one app, it installs a few others. Often, you do not have the option to skip installing some of the apps in the bundle. This might not be that big a deal …

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How to get Microsoft core fonts on Linux

Linux is an open-source operating system. As a result, it is missing some critical components that users of proprietary operating systems enjoy. One big thing that all Linux operating systems miss out on is proprietary fonts. The most used proprietary fonts out there today are the Microsoft Core Fonts. They’re …

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How to calculate area on Google Maps

When you use Google Maps for navigation, it gives you an accurate measure of how far you’ll be traveling. The distance is not vector distance; it takes into account the route you’ll be taking. It stands to reason that if Google Maps can accurately measure distance, it should also be …

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