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How to delete a system partition on Windows 10

A disk, whether it’s an HDD or an SSD, is normally divided into different partitions. Even if you never create a partition, the disk itself will come with some custom partitions already created. If you take a look at the partition type, these partitions show up as system partitions and …

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How to speed up a USB drive on Windows 10

USB disks, like internal or external HDDs or SSDs, have a speed limit when it comes to transferring i.e., copying files. The speed has to do with many things e.g., USB 3.0 support, using a USB 3.0 port, the system that files are being transferred/copied from, etc. File transfer speeds …

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How to enable sound alert for screenshots on Windows 10

Windows 10 allows users to take a screenshot with the Win+PrintScrn keyboard shortcut. This feature saves a full-screen screenshot to the Pictures library and when the screenshot is captured, the screen flashes to indicate that a screenshot has been taken. If you’re not a fan of the screen flashing and …

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