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How to mirror a Mac to an iPhone

There are lots of different ways to mirror an iPhone’s screen to a Mac or even a Windows 10 system. Methods include wired and wireless solutions, both free and paid. If you need to mirror a Mac to an iPhone though, you may find there aren’t many options. Most aim …

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How to screen share on Discord on Windows 10

Discord’s userbase is cemented in the gaming sphere but you will find that plenty of people recommend using it for personal and work communications. Discord can’t compete with apps like Microsoft Teams but it’s a fairly good alternative to both Slack and Skype. Screen share on Discord Discord’s userbase tends …

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Microsoft Teams External Users: How to Add Guests?

Microsoft Teams is intended to be used within an organization. Generally, users are set up over an active directory and normally from the same network or organization. Because it’s free, it can also be used outside of an organization as users can bring anyone on board by  merely sending them …

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