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How to view battery percentage in system tray on Windows 10

If your laptop is running Windows 10, you very likely see a battery icon in the system tray. This icon indicates the state of your battery; charging, plugged in and charging, plugged in and charged, and discharging. These states are reflected by the icon. If you want to see just …

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How to sleep the screen on Windows 10

If you leave your system unattended, your screen will eventually go to sleep. If you don’t return to it, the system will lock itself once the set amount of time has expired. If you want to turn the display off at will, you can set up the power button to …

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How to close all tabs in Safari on iOS

Mobile apps are tricky; they need to have a full set of features but those features need to be easy to use with a touch screen. There’s no mouse, trackpad, or physical keyboard that can help you interact with it more easily. To that end, the various features and settings …

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