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How to use Siri to remember where you parked on iOS

Siri has access to your location data and it uses the information to show you the weather and run shortcuts that need to use your location, among other things. Location data is generally used by map apps, weather apps, or any other variation of these that help you find some …

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How To Create Siri Shortcuts On iOS 12

One of the most exciting features in iOS 12 is Siri shortcuts. Siri shortcuts allows users to pre-program voice commands for Siri. For example, right now you can tell Siri to send a text message or make a phone call. This is an example of something you can already do …

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How To Teach Siri To Pronounce Names On iOS

Siri knows your name. If you were to lose your iPhone and it was found by someone, they could ask Siri who the phone belongs to and get an answer. Siri may not always pronounce your name correctly and if that’s the case you can teach Siri how to pronounce …

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How To Change Siri’s Accent On iOS 12

Siri is available in multiple languages but within languages themselves, there are different accents. English is one obvious example; it’s a language that’s spoken in different countries and the people who speak it, speak it in a dialect that might be difficult to understand in other countries that speak it …

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How To Add Siri Shortcuts To The Share Sheet On iOS

Siri Shortcuts is a new app introduced by Apple for iOS 12. If you remember there used to be a popular app called Workflow that Apple acquired. That app is what formed the basis of Siri Shortcuts but this app is integrated with iOS like no other third-party app can …

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How To Back Up Siri Shortcuts To iCloud On iOS 12

Siri Shortcuts are useful but not everyone has the time, or patience, to create one for their specific use. Fortunately, sharing a Siri shortcut is really easy. Once you find a shortcut that does exactly what you need it to, you can import it. It ought to be backed up …

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