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Exciting tips

How to mute an email address in Gmail

Gmail has a feature that lets you mute an email thread or conversation. This allows you to disable notifications for emails that you’re a recipient of but that have nothing to do with you. The messages still arrive in your inbox and you can go read them whenever you want. …

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How to stream audio from macOS to Windows 10

macOS and Windows 10 are two operating systems that are rarely easy to use together. There are so many differences between the two that developers seldom see the need to create something for both platforms. Similarly, since it’s so hard to get the two to work cohesively, users tend to …

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How to upgrade to Wine 5.0 on Linux

Wine 5.0 is out, and with it comes even more excellent improvements for Linux gamers. There’s a lot to love with this new version of Wine, but some of the best new things are: support for multiple monitors, the Vulkan graphics tool is updated to version 1.1, PE module support, …

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How to screenshot individual UI elements on macOS

Screenshot tools tend to focus on windows, specific areas on the screen, or the entire screen. On macOS, those are the three types of screenshots you can take out of the box. Third-party screenshot tools have similar options and they all tend to focus on entire screens, whole windows, or …

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How to make your own Ubuntu post-installation script

Setting up Ubuntu with your favorite programs can be tedious. You have to search with the terminal for each application. Instead, consider creating a “post-installation” script. A shell script you can run right after a new installation of Ubuntu that will automatically install all programs with no effort. Note: not …

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How to center an app window on Windows 10

Windows 10 generally tends to remember app positions but it doesn’t do as well with a multi-monitor set up. Often, when you’ve disconnected a second display, windows for certain apps continue to open off-screen. There are ways to fix it, however, if you have an app that simply won’t open …

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