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How to back up a Windows 10 product key

Windows 10 requires a license to work. A Windows license can be bought and used on any system of your choice, or you can by hardware that comes with Windows 10 installed with an OEM license. The license basically comes with a Product Key that you enter in Windows 10.  …

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How to download stand alone Windows 10 drivers

Windows has shipped with generic drivers for years now. These are basic drivers such as network and display ones that will give you a usable system right after a clean install. You won’t need to install drivers from disks, or other installation media just to get the system up and …

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How to automatically resize VLC player for vertical videos

Videos have always been recorded in landscape mode. They used be square a long, long time ago but once the era of square monitors disappeared, videos became landscape oriented. Then phones got cameras, and those cameras became insanely good and now, we have vertical videos. Vertical videos were shunned, and …

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How to burn a disc image to an SD card on Windows 10

USBs have become the go-to device for installing any sort of operating system. They’re easy enough to carry, every single computer has at least one USB port, they come in large size configurations at a cheap price point, and optical drives have almost disappeared from computers so there really isn’t …

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