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How to use Photoshop brushes in GIMP on Windows 10

Photoshop brushes, both free and premium, are widely available. You will find you’re often spoiled for choice when it comes to a particular type of brush for Photoshop and rarely will you fail to find what you’re looking for. The same can’t be said for GIMP which isn’t as popular …

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How to run invisible batch scripts on Windows 10

When you run a batch file, you get one of two things; a persistent Command Prompt window that will remain visible until the script is done or until you tap a key to dismiss it, or you will see a fleeting glimpse of a command prompt window appear and disappear. …

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How to hide the mouse cursor in apps on Windows 10

The cursor is an essential UI element that must, normally, be visible at all times in order for you to interact with your system. There are some exceptions to this; media players and games. When you’re watching a video, whether it’s in your browser, in a dedicated media player, or …

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How to schedule sleep on Windows 10

Scheduling a shut down on Windows 10 is simple but you’ll be surprised to learn that it is just as difficult to schedule sleep on Windows 10. The command-line argument that claims to sleep a system actually hibernates it. The common method around this is to first disable/turn off hibernate …

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How to remove silence from an audio file on Windows 10

Professionally edited audio files go through a lot of changes post-production. If you’re new to recording any sort of audio, it is possible that the tracks/files you have contain quite a few silent parts. The audio file will pass through several rounds of editing and in that editing process, you …

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