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How to enable/disable screenshot flash on Windows 10

Windows 10 supports two different methods for taking screenshots; PrntScrn, and Win+PrntScrn. PrntScrn here refers to the Print Screen key on your keyboard which will capture everything on the screen to your clipboard. You then have to manually paste it into an image editor and save it as a file …

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4 Best One-time Purchase Photoshop alternatives

Photoshop is the preferred tool that designers use. In fact, most of Adobe’s apps enjoy that same level of preference from the design community. None of these apps have ever been free but Adobe moved from a one-time purchase model to a subscription model which means that anyone wanting to …

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How to disable Skype on startup on Windows 10

Microsoft owns Skype, and it owns Windows 10. This means that you’ll be seeing a lot of Skype whether you want to or not. Skype is installed on a fresh Windows 10 installation by default. It also tends to start when you boot the system. The Skype version on Windows …

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How to update Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of many apps that have seen a steady rise in users since work has moved online for many people. The app is a fairly robust tool for collaboration and it helps that it’s from Microsoft and most of the Microsoft 365 suite is integrated with it. …

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Restart to Repair Drive Errors (Windows 10 FIX)

Drives, whether they’re internal or external, are prone to errors. In some cases, the errors are small and don’t interfere much with the drive’s ability to function. These errors tend to go unnoticed until something catastrophic happens e.g., an OS crash, or data loss. In other cases, the problems are …

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How to remove a WiFi network on Windows 10

Windows 10 remembers all WiFi networks that you’ve ever connected to. The WiFi networks panel that opens when you click the WiFi icon in the system tray will only list those networks that are in range so you may not see all the networks you’ve connected to, but they are …

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