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How to force quit apps on Windows 10

Windows apps tend to become unresponsive. They may act this way if the system’s resources are insufficient for it to run, if a software or hardware component that it relies on is not working or has stopped working, or if it’s just run into trouble of its own. In most …

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How to reset Windows Search on Windows 10

Windows search is a pretty great tool when it works. It can launch apps, and find your files. Unfortunately, for as great as this tool is, it breaks often and for no apparent reason. Fixing it can be hit or miss; the built-in troubleshooting tool might help, or not. If …

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How to monitor CPU usage of an app on Windows 10

The task manager on Windows 10 can show you a lot of summarized information about your system. It can show you how much memory is being consumed at the moment by every single app and process on your system, how much CPU is being used, disk activity, and more. The …

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