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How to turn off the desktop background on Windows 10

If you have a Windows 10 system that is a few years old, you will find it struggles when used for processor-heavy tasks. This is to be expected because apps update and add new features in anticipation of being run on more modern systems that have better, more capable hardware. …

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How to fix keyboard lag on Windows 10

Lag of any sort, whether it’s in a game or if it’s on your desktop when you’re trying to type or select something, is hard to work with. With games, lag is often caused by a slow internet connection or stress on your system’s resources. With hardware lag, e.g., when …

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How to use Nvidia ShadowPlay on Windows 10

A system that has an Nvidia GPU can install drivers for it via Windows Updates or by installing the GeForce Experience app. The GeForce Experience app does more than manage drivers. It also adds features that help games run better, and it adds the ShadowPlay feature to your system allowing …

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