How To Upload HD Photos To Facebook From Your Phone

Smartphones have excellent cameras and every year, they get better. The amount of detail you can capture in an image taken on a high-end phone can rival a DSLR camera. These photos are often shared online to apps like Instagram or social networks like Facebook. Users share them on the go and that means they use their mobile network. To make the upload faster, and to tax your data plan less, Facebook doesn’t upload the best version of the photo i.e. it uploads a compressed photo. Here’s how you can upload HD photos to Facebook from your phone.

Upload HD Photos To Facebook – iPhone

Open the Settings app and tap the Facebook app. On the app’s details screen you will see a complete list of all the permissions that the app has. You can change any of the permissions that the app has from this screen. Scroll down and you will see two switches for uploading videos and photos to HD.

If you only want to upload HD photos to Facebook, you can enable the option for the photos alone and leave the video one off.

how to upload hd photos to facebook from your phone How To Upload HD Photos To Facebook From Your Phone

Upload HD Photos To Facebook – Android

On Android, open the Facebook app and go to the hamburger tab. Scroll down to the very bottom and tap Settings & Privacy. This will reveal additional settings. Tap App Settings. On the App Settings screen, you will see switches for HD image and video upload. You can enable both, or either one on your phone.

how to upload hd photos to facebook from your phone 1 How To Upload HD Photos To Facebook From Your Phone

There’s no similar option for the desktop version of the Facebook website but the images you share from your desktop are, by default, compressed and thus their quality is reduced. The same goes for videos that you post to your timeline. To work around this, you should first create an album and then upload photos and/or videos to it. When you do, you see the uploader that will upload the HD version of your media.

We should mention that if you decide to start uploading photos in HD to Facebook from your phone, it will take longer for them to upload, the images will take longer to load for others on their timeline, and your data plan will be consumed more than usual. It’s also worth mentioning that the Facebook apps which are notorious for how much they drain your phone’s battery, will probably consume more power when uploading HD photos or videos. It might be a better idea to upload them when you get home and have a desktop to work from.

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