How to play classic Minecraft in a browser

Minecraft turned 10 this year and in celebration, Mojang not only offered a reasonable discount for the game which is something that never happens, but also released classic Minecraft for free. Classic Minecraft is Minecraft when it was first developed. It was basic, to say the least. You had very few blocks to build with and, unfortunately, no evil mobs to fight off. Here’s how you can play classic Minecrafft in a browser.

Play Classic Minecraft

Classic Minecraft has limitations, as you can guess. For one, you cannot save a game, you can’t use your usual Minecraft/Mojang/Microsoft account to login, you cannot join any existing server games, and basically anything to do with your main account will not work with it.

You need a fairly modern browser for this. Chrome and Firefox will do. You need a keyboard and a mouse to play. Even if you have a game controller connected to your system, it will not work with the game.

You can play together with up to nine players, and you can have a small, medium, or huge map to play on. Visit this page, and it will generate a new game for you. Enter a nickname for yourself. The game will give you a link that you can share with your friends and invite them to play the same game.

how to play classic minecraft in a browser How to play classic Minecraft in a browser

You get a brief overview of the controls and since they’re basic, there isn’t much for you to learn. There are no tools so items all ‘break’ with one click, and are similarly placed with another.

The WASD keys are used for movement, the Spacebar for jumping, and F for toggling fog.

how to play classic minecraft in a browser 1 How to play classic Minecraft in a browser

While this isn’t going to take as much toll on your system as the actual game played as a desktop app, it’s still going to consume lots of RAM through your browser. It’s a good idea to make sure nothing on your system is consuming too much RAM. Close other tabs when you play.

We’ll be honest; this isn’t a super-immersive experience. You won’t be playing for hours. It’s a bit of nostalgia which is good in moderation. You’re basically playing the game in creative mode; you can build what you want with whatever blocks are available to you. If your friends join in, you can build together.

If you initiate a game, and leave it when there are no other players in the game, the game will be lost/end. If there are other players in the game, you can rejoin it by visiting its link.

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