How to reset Chrome flags to default

Chrome has experimental features that normally are turned off by default. In some rare cases, an experimental feature may be enabled but that normally happens when the feature is fairly stable. These experimental features can be enabled by a user and it’s done from the Chrome Flags page. You can change quite a few things and it’s just as easy to change a flag back to its default value. Here’s how you can reset Chrome flags to their default values.

Reset Chrome flags

You can reset Chrome flags one by one, or all at once. We’re going to show you how to do both.

Open Chrome and paste the following in the URL bar to go to the Flags page.


If you want to reset Chrome flags one by one, you need to know which ones you’ve modified. Scroll through the list of flags and any flag with a blue dot to its left has been modified. Open the  dropdown next to it, and select Default to reset it to its default state. You will need to relaunch Chrome after making this change.

how to reset chrome flags to default How to reset Chrome flags to default

If you want to reset all Chrome flags in one go, visit the Chrome Flags page and you will see a ‘Reset all to default’ button at the very top, next to the search bar. Click it and it will reset all the flags to their default state. Again, you will have to relaunch Chrome.

Chrome flags are applied to the entire browser i.e., they are not profile specific and there’s no way to restrict a change to just one profile. The flags’ state is not synced across devices though so if you have Chrome sync enabled, and you use Chrome on different systems where you’ve modified the flags, you will have to reset them on each device individually.

While flags aren’t so unstable that they’ll crash Chrome, or render it unusable, if you happen to run into such a situation where you are no longer able to open Chrome after modifying the state of a flag, you can uninstall and reinstall Chrome. A fresh installation of Chrome will have all its flags set to their default state.

Chrome has the same flags for both its Windows and Mac versions and the process for resetting them to their default states is the same. Flags are not the same as switches so make sure the feature you want to disable was enabled via a flag and not a switch.

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